After School Programmes

About the programme

With more people working longer hours we provide an active & healthy extension to the school day providing entertaining after school care for your children.

All sessions are fun based with guided discovery and hidden learning activities, ensuring the sessions are both FUN & EDUCATIONAL.

Here is an overview of our two types of after school clubs:


Over the course of the school term, our fun based sessions will cover a new sport each week, including Soccer, Tag Rugby, Kwik Cricket, Rounders, Handball, plus more. The session will begin with a fun based arm up which will include invasion games and team building exercises.

The aim of learning different sports is to create a fresh challenge during each session. This will maintain the children’s interest and developing a broader range of skills across a wider spectrum. The sessions will also work on and improve the children’s agility, speed, general fitness as well as learning valuable team building skills.

Throughout the 8-9 week programme children will experience a wide variety of sports giving them the opportunity to see which are their favorites. They can then choose if they would like to persue the sports further with one of our sports specific programmes or join one of our affiliate community clubs.


Sports specific programmes are exclusive to the chosen sport. Each week the children will progress from the week before ensuring the children are constantly learning and developing new skills. By the end of the 8-9 week programme the children should have wider knowledge of the sport and be able to give a good judgement as to whether they would like to peruse the sport further or try something new.

Tag Rugby – Soccer – Cricket – Handball – Softball – Dancing – Gymnastics – Athletics + More

We have specialist coaches in all of the sports we provide. Please check out the programmes below to see what is on offer at your school this term.If you are interested in us running a programme at your school please contact us.



Frequently Asked Questions

No, if you have completed full payment that secures your child’s place on the programme. If we
require any extra information, we will contact you. If not, we will see you at the first session.

NO, all ages & abilities are welcome. The fun-based sessions are tailored to ensure all players are
involved and enjoy the sessions.

No, we will assume responsibility for the children for the hour session.

In extreme weather conditions sessions will be cancelled and parents notified via SMS & Facebook.