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After School Soccer Programme

Throughout the School term we will work to a “Soccer Syllabus” where a different topic is worked on each week. This helps improve the children’s all round game and keeps sessions varied and fun. Each of our sessions will include a short warm up, a technical drill on the given subject e.g. shooting” and then finish with small sided games.
All sessions are fun based and therefore open to children of all ages and abilities. During the sessions the coaches will implement the importance of team work, social inclusion and good sportsmanship.[/vc_column_text][eut_single_image align=”center” image=”425″][vc_column_text el_class=”summer-leagues-page”]

Girls Development Programme

The girls programme provides the opportunity for girls to develop their skills in a comfortable learning environment. Both boys and girls have different learning styles and from experience we have seen a huge improvement in young female players who are given the opportunity to train alongside like minded players.

  • Provides a comfortable learning environment for girls to learn and develop skills
  • From experience boys and girls learn differently when it comes to soccer. By having a girl’s only group it allows us to tailor sessions in order to maximise development.
  • Offers young female players an insight to the game and a pathway to the next step i.e. girls Academy or club soccer team.

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Boys Development Programme (Yr 3 – 6)

Many of you are familiar with our after school programmes which we have run at the school over the past few years. The Development Programme provides the next step for the boys to progress and learn new skills and techniques amongst boys of a similar age and ability. The programme is available for all boys in years 3 -6. Over the course of the programme all aspects of the game will be covered ensuring improved skill level and understanding of the game.

  • Next step from the after school programmes
  • Sessions are more challenging, focusing on developing individual skills and techniques
  • Can run alongside club soccer for those who already play or it can provide extra training for those who are considering joining a team

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Multi – Sports Programmes:

Soccer X are bringing a new initiative and will be running an after-school Multi Sports programme. Over the course of the school term, our fun based sessions will cover a new sport each week, including Soccer, Tag Rugby, Kwik Cricket, Rounders, Handball, plus more. The session will begin with a fun based arm up which will include invasion games and team building exercises.

The aim of learning different sports is to create a fresh challenge during each session. This will maintain the children’s interest and developing a broader range of skills across a wider spectrum. The sessions will also work on and improve the children’s agility, speed, general fitness as well as learning valuable team building skills.

Term 2 2018

In an effort to improve programme registration efficiency All registrations must be completed online:

Visit the Soccer X Documents page for registration reminders and fliers.
** All sessions will run from 3-4pm on the school oval unless stated.[/vc_column_text][/vc_column][vc_column width=”1/3″][vc_column_text el_class=”sidebar-form-sec”]