About Us

About Us​

Using Sport as the vehicle for a happy, healthy & full lifestyle.

Why should you choose ‘Progress through Sports‘?

We are experts in providing fun & educational sports programmes in schools & the local community, in turn, promoting an active, healthy & happy lifestyle.

Using sports we help develop and improve the following attributes:

  • Health & fitness
  • Social Skills
  • Team work
  • Increased self asteem and confidence
  • Balance, co ordination& strength
  • Concentration & thinking

Each of our programmes are designed to captivate & stimulate all involved helping them leave each session with a sense of achievement, increased knowledge & a smile on their face.

Our programmes offer many benefits and pathways. For some, sport may provide some welcome physical activity, stimulating the body and mind which will help improve concentration & behavior in the class room. For others, our programmes may provide the platform for children to discover their talent at a certain sport and go on to progress in the chosen sport with one of our community sports club providers.


  • To provide a safe and positive learning environment for children to learn and play sports
  • To help each participant enjoy the benefits of playing sports, physically, mentally & socially
  • To promote good habits from a young age which children will take into adult life
  • To help children develop a passion for sports / exercise which will help them remain active & healthy as they get older


We pride ourselves on being more than ‘sports coaches’. Our coaches have a duty of care to be positive role models for the children. Not only do our coaches educate the children about the rules, technique etc of the sport, we help develop vital lifeskills such as good manners, respect, winning/loosing graciously to name a few.

Each of our coaches hold current blue cards / working with children checks.